Wednesday, November 12, 2014

succulent strands

i've had a few inquiries about where to buy my succulent strands. yes! i'm still making them and they are all fast as my little hands can make :)  they are now available to purchase exclusively at west elm! find them here


CoastsideBooks said...

Hi! Catching up with you on your blog. Miss you talk to you soon. Will send pics : )

Saskia (1=2) said...

Aw they're gorgeous Kim. So many different shapes. The dotty pot is ace. Love the little sneak peek at your work area too. Do you mostly work outside? How lovely if so!

Kim Baise said...

Hi Nancy, miss you too + see you soon!
Hi Sas, yes, it's really messy so I mostly work outside on the back porch... unless it's too hot and the paints dry too fast for detail.. or too cold and the paper mache won't dry. Luckily is mostly mild all year round.