Tuesday, February 10, 2015

magpies + french fries

magpies love french fries
it's a sunny day in bondi beach
terrier is skateboarding,  the rainbow single scoop's for me and strawberry chocolate double for you, 
potted cacti and flying carpet beach towel
on a beautiful, breezy day
hey, pass the fries!


Saskia said...

Lovely mobile, and lovely words too Kim. The magpie is beautiful. Didn’t know they liked french fries ;)
Will have to try them on Maggie, our resident magpie. I gave him some ham last week and that went down a treat. I’m guessing this mobile is for a Sydney customer? I’m also guessing they were rapt when they received it! Clever chick you are.

Kim Baise said...

Sas, I don't think I've ever actually seen a magpie and had to google the images. Apparently the yellow billed variety exists in central California. When you come to visit, you may notice the humongous size of the seagulls here.. not sure if you have big seagulls on your beaches.. or mostly magpies? and i don't know if they eat french fries but it rhymes! yes, the mobile is for a little family in sydney!!i googled fast food places and found hungry jacks in bondi beach..(looks like jack in the box here:)