Thursday, April 30, 2015


there's a beautiful park in chicago named after the explorer, alexander von humboldt
 this mobile was custom- made for a new baby whose nursery is based on humboldt's world explorations

 handsome german baron:  freidrich heinrich alexander von humboldt
world globe, alexander, monkey + bananas, parrot in palm and pack donkey
this new-to-the-world little guy will even have a humboldt steiff teddy bear! i'll bet his nursery is amazing. his momma works at the art institute of chicago (my grandmother, caroline was a painter who taught there in 1924 and her uncle (my great uncle?) fletcher ransom studied there in 1890). fingers crossed i'll visit chicago in the fall and roam historical humboldt park and art institute chicago museum.

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Saskia Ericson said...

Hey, interesting reading about the artists in your family Kim! Knew you must've come from a long line of art people. I reckon this is one of my favorites of all your mobiles. The monkey! The donkey! One day I'll make it to Chicago – maybe we should meet there?!