Friday, June 12, 2015

co-LAb gallery

my mobiles and new tea towels are now available to purchase local in highland park at co-lab gallery, 5319 york blvd, los angeles! if you look closely you can see a few of my minis hanging off the jackalope hook
 all new! hands tea towel with denim loop
 if you need some fresh pop color for your walls this summer season, come and support your local artists. Tomorrow evening, Saturday 7-10pm is Art Walk in Highland Park
Le Fashion Truck will be set up in front of co-LAb and the hunt vintage
 there's plenty to explore in highland park so get out this week-end and go wander!

1 comment:

Saskia Ericson said...

Kim!!! Haven't caught up on your fab posts for ages. Can't seem to get to the screen lately.
Ohhh the pink Le Fashion Truck and The Hunt and Co-Lab look just amazing all together. Co-Lab looks like a lovely little shop. Makes me miss LA *sniff*
Congrats on your new tea towels. Loving my handy one!