Friday, August 7, 2015

little pines

just back from mid-week camping in the angeles national forest, chilao campground, little pines. only an hour away from downtown l.a. and very secluded and dreamlike.
the summer is flying by too quickly, the kids are already going back to school....
and the happy camp mobile i designed for the jealous curator/ land of nod is now available in the land of nod fall 2015 collection! it's a limited edition and only a small amount of these were made for the jealous curated collection  .
you can purchase one online here 
w/ roaring log fire at the top, tent, lantern, feathers, leaping fox, raccoon and canoe
if you're in l.a and want to get away for a day hike, night campfire, i recommend campsite #39 at little pines.

the silver moccasin trail runs right behind the campsite. take your time, it's a beautiful mountain hike, the air is warm and breezy with the scent of pine, manzanita and sage. it's only $12 a day to stay overnight and no reservations needed.
take in some nature..........
 nothing beats a great campfire and roasting marshmallows on manzanita sticks. we're all kids here!
amazing sunset and starry filled night skies..


Saskia said...

Gorgeous photos Kim. Can you send some of that sun over here please? We are freezing our butts off.
The kids look very relaxed. I had to google 'manzanita sticks' – they're beautiful. Are they the sticks you use in your twig mobiles?

Kim Baise said...

Sas, I've never used manzanita for the mobiles... that's a great idea! It is beautiful and growing all over the place.. a tough, drought tolerant shrub. Do they have manzanita in Australia? I think it could grow well there too. I would love to give you some of our sun.. it's way toooo hot here this week in the 100's! Excellent weather for paper mache drying ;)