Sunday, October 4, 2015

gold coast

a trip away along the california coast, highway 1, pch, big sur
gold coast inspire now available to purchase at co-lab gallery in highland park
 big sur
river inn
santa cruz mystery spot
and boardwalk
kings mountain art fair
sweet banana slug pillows
 alice's restaurant, woodside, ca


Saskia said...

Gah! Your mobile! The real Alice's Restaurant! The chairlift ride! The Mystery Spot! The coffee bus! What an ace post, makes me miss the US. We have a Gold Coast here too, in the North of Aus, but it's no way near as picturesque as yours (lots of horrid high-rise buildings blocking the sun on the beach).
Love the photo of you reading next to the babbling creek! xx

Kim Baise said...

Sas! That's not me reading by the babbling creek, but a grandmother who was watching over 2 little splashing boys. I dream of reading books by a babbling creek though....(lyrics to that Pretenders song play in my head ' Maybe tomorrow... maybe someday...')
I think florida has a gold coast too!

Saskia said...

Ha! Oooops! Now I look at that photo again, it's SO not you. Next time I'll wear my glasses before commenting :)
Have a lovely week. xx