Monday, November 17, 2008


One of my new favorite blogs doobleh-vay led me to Springtree Road 's November black and white photo share. I love to take black and white photos and look at them too!!! Here in Virginia, there is not too much to do. I think that's why Steve and I decided to make the move out of NYC. Now we have a home and family with 2 little ones.
Steve and I are both musicians. I played bass for the Secrets and he's been in several bands: the Devil Dogs, the Vikings, Pearl Schwartz, Pure Filth and now the Villains amongst several others... So it only makes sense that most of our friends are musicians. The thing to do around here is to get together on week-ends in someone's backyard shed and ROCK!
My little D was in my belly while I played bass with the Secrets so it's only natural that he should come out ready to Rock. He needs no practice.
The top photo is D rocking drums with Hillbilly Werewolf and the bottom is singing with Daddy in the Villains.


Anonymous said...

you go, girl - rock on!

Kim Baise said...

Thanks Maya,

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

These pics are AWESOME!!

(Popped over from Springtree Road).

Love that they could easily pass for vintage. Way fun. (You guys are totally cool parents :)

Michaelle said...

Love your blog! Thanks for visiting Monkey's Momma. Do come back soon. I love meeting new bloggers. I have you bookmarked and will add you to my blogroll next time I update.

I also snuck a peek at the blog you co-author, and have it bookmarked too. I am going back to check out your etsy shop some more. I am getting ready to open my own as well. Might as well jump on the band wagon!

amy turn sharp said...

O h I love that I am one of yr fave new blogs! Yr so sweet! I am ready to dive into yr blog too! xo

love rockers!!!

Blog-Nerd said...

These pics are so cute! I work with kids all the time, it's my major, but it's so great to see kids getting to be with the adults. There is something so amazing about seeing kids and adults "play" together, in whatever capacity that might be...keep rockin'! :D