Monday, October 20, 2008

Apple Heads & Carrot Bodies

I love to read cool blogs and spend way too much time doing it, but I was excited to see some apple heads forming in Mylittlebighead's October 18th post and in more detail here. I will be watching to see the the dolls when they are completed.

It reminded me some time ago of a project I did while living in NY and it had me searching in the attic to find anything I may have kept from back then. I created a number of dolls with dried apples for heads and dried carrot stick bodies. I used elastic for the joints to position them in different ways and later made clothing for each character. They turned out quite sinister looking as you can see in the polaroids!

I displayed them in a group show with the infamous Dame Darcy, Rachel Amodeo, Greer Lankton, and Judi Rosen.

The devil doll sold and I gave the others away as gifts and trades. I wish now that I had saved/documented the images from the show and from each doll and kept at least one for myself.

This is a lesson for all artists everywhere: "always save and document your work and remember to keep a copy just for yourself."

Here is the card from the opening that Dame Darcy illustrated. Her art is wonderfully creepy and so perfect for this time of the year. If you live in LA, you should definately check in to one of Dame's October events.

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