Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crazy Hazy Kisses

Last night Dexter Romweber played at a tiny club around the corner from here called the Tap House. Sorry I didn't get any pics but I do have great news : His new album is coming out in February and it features Chan (Catpower) and Exene Cervenka (X). OOOOoooooh!!!! I can't wait, I love all three. Chan will be doing a Ketty Lester 60's song, Love Letters that you may know from the David Lynch film Blue Velvet and Exene will sing Johnny Burnette's Lonesome Train. I know this will be my soundtrack for 2009....the BEST year ever.

I have a deep connection to all 3 musicians and I just may have to write separate posts on each. In the mid 80's, I remember my sister had the Athens, Georgia compilation which featured him and also his sister Sarah's band, Let's Active. It wasn't until 1994 when I frst saw Flat Duo Jets play in NYC and probably have seen Dexter perform 6 times since. Whenever I hear this guy play certain slow songs, I get the chills.

In the past few years he has formed a band with his sister, (fab drummer) Sarah and are called the Dexter Romweber Duo. They live in Chapel Hill, NC , a cool little college town which is not too far from here. All 4 kids in his family are musically gifted and they are shedrockers too!
Here's a clip of Dexter with Flat Duo Jets (guitar and drums only) doing Crazy Hazy Kisses:


Solvang Sherrie said...

I sang in a band when I lived in Scottsdale, AZ and we came this close to getting the attention of the guy who signed The Refreshments (and my favorite band who never made it big, One). It was such a crazy, happy time, it almost seems like a dream.

I love tiny clubs, and bands on the cusp and getting to know the people behind the music (oops, I think that phrase has already been overused, hasn't it?!).

Kim Baise said...

Wow SS!!! You can sing?! That's great! Did you record? Do you still have old recordings from back then?
I have some old kitchen recordings from a girl band we had in NY and it sounds a lot like the Juno soundtrack! Maybe I'll convert the cassettes someday and post some of it on the blog for fun....
I agree, tiny clubs are the best! Tap House was only $5 to see Dexter. I think this may be the last time to see him because I fear he will be playing big venues/ huge tours with Catpower and Exene.

design for mankind. said...

oh WOW! i love that his sister is the drummer. ;)

Kim Baise said...

Yeah, they sound great together. It's all in the blood!