Tuesday, April 14, 2009

X On Tour and John Doe and the Sadies New Album Release Today!

X is on a big US tour right now. I just read a great review of a show in Portland at one of my fave blogs here. My history with X goes way back to my pre-teen years in Los Angeles 1981. They were my very first concert.......and it changed my life forever. Exene donned a short platinum bob and a light blue shimmy dress (which I found myself emulating later in life at a show I played at CBGB'S w/ the Secrets) and Billy Zoom stood on stage like a lovely wax figure. John Doe was handsome and still is. I've followed some of his acting through the years....mostly playing Dad roles in teen shows like Dawson's Creek and the OC.
In my 20's I worked as an artist for the now extinct Tower Records creating billboards. Transferring from Sunset,Hollywood to Broadway, NYC. The image above is from an instore in NYC. Yes, I designed the lovely backdrop set. Sorry, I don't know what happened to the photo I took of John Doe and Billy Zoom wasn't there. He went on to do his own band....the Billy Zoom Band. Exene had long black hair then, wore a tattered vintage dress and had red ink tattoos on her arms. I think this photo is from July 1995.
A few years later Exene played with her all girl band at Coney Island High in NYC along with the Ramones and Steve played with Scott Asheton from the Stooges. I remember nobody seemed to care or know who she was. I think I was the only one up front........she was my idol and still is.
Now Exene sings Lonesome Train on (our local) Dexter Romweber's new album, Ruins of Berlin (here's a post I did on it back in November) ..........and today is John Doe and the Sadies new album release!! (which I've been secretly listening to on a local station by my fave DJ who has been playing their songs way ahead of the release). It sounds much like the Knitters or a bit of 60's style country. They'll be touring the US in May.
If X comes to your town this month, I hope you'll try to see them. I wish they would come to mine.

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