Sunday, October 4, 2009

Kreativ Blog Award!

It's s nice to know that somebody out there reads my posts and to be given a Kreativ Blogger Award is even better!(Thank you El Ponk:) List 7 facts about me? Okay, here goes:
1. I just discovered and LOVE Blood Orange Gelato. There's a place a few blocks away from me called sweet harts and they have the BEST!
2. I love and support all-girl Rock bands. LA has the most and some of the finest. Lots of competition breeds the Best. I grew up with the Go Go's and the Bangles.
3. My favorite 45 record is The Brothers Johnson/ I'll be good to you.
4. I am inspired by all spiky things in nature: bumblebees, hedgehogs, cactus, pinecones, prickly pear, roses, pineapples......
5. I am the youngest of 3 and my older sister Nancy is my best friend. We can talk about every and Anything! We have a childrens picture book publishing company together called Bees Knees Books and our new book for fall, A Wonderful Week has just been released. Being the third has made me want to have 3, yes! I have three kids :0 I love babies and kids and big families.
6. My all time favorite band is The Devil Dogs. I loved them before I met my husband, Crazy Stevie (my other best friend) and I love them now. I hope that someday they will do a reunion tour......
7. I am secretly hoping to get a stand-up bass for Christmas. Anyone looking to start an all girl rock n roll band? I just discovered Kitty, Daisy and Lewis.....inspiring kids
more on them in the next post!
8. * BONUS* I am ultra visual and am especially drawn to graphic print art, black and white or bold and bright.
These are my nominations for Kreativ Blog:
Forest Eyes (I'm working on a childrens book collab with Raquel)
doobleh-vay This creative mama makes me laugh and cry out loud
Scribbles from a multi tasking Bag Lady because Nicole can really sew and sing!
Design For Mankind Erin always knows what's hot and what's not

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thank you so much gorgeous!!!! xoxoxo