Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Old School

I picked up a copy of BUST at a news stand for the Vivian Girls fashion pages, Ellen Page and Alia's Whip It interview and Exene...etc, and I saw a small article on Kitty, Daisy and Lewis. Three teenage sibs who joined powers with their rockin' mom and dad to create their self-titled debut which features awesome old instuments (a squeeze box and a wheeze box) along with bongos, steel guitar, upright bass,ukelele, harmonica, handclaps...etc. They cover some old blues from the 50's and original rock n roll, Jerry Lee Lewis style. The original tracks are GREAT and the album was recorded at home in the front room on old reel to REAL equipment (No digital stuff). They use a sweet little xylophone on (Baby)Hold Me Tight. I am in love :) and would love to see them live.

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