Sunday, June 12, 2011

it's time!

it's time....... for fresh croissants and homemade apricot jam with tea
a plate i made this fall and had forgotten to share
2 placemats i made with recycled origami paper scraps
 and little sid's  new watch   


shellie said...

love syds watch...the plate and i wish i had croissants homemade apricot jam and eating a breakfast jack right now and it totally sucks:(

When is syds birthday because you had mentioned that cow boy pinata i wanted to know if you are going to go cowboy themed i have a whole bunch of cowboy hats and sheriff badges as well as a corral horses and pinetrees for a cake if you would like them.

Kim Baise said...

it's apricot time! the apricot tree is full of ripe fruit in my mom and dad's yard :)
the little guy's 2nd birthday is july 26 (same as mick jagger's of course;)
ha! sounds great! you bring the cowboy stuff and your family is invited to the party.