Tuesday, June 7, 2011

mama's boy

on sunday, my 8 year old son's band, monsters made of stone performed at the house of blues in hollywood at a battle of the bands for los angeles city schools...and they won! (for the second year in a row:) he's the frontman, that's mama's boy!
because they were doing a cover song from the late 60's, i made him a lucky skull bead choker just like the singer of the guess who.  i also scored this groovy vintage kids vest (with satin lining)on etsy at lishyloo.


shellie said...

how fantastic! thats right they won last year too. Love the skull action it really must be lucky...naaaw they are just talented!

Hope your blogger issues cleared up. Did you upload internet explorer 9 because that jacked all my stuff up so daniel took the computer back to 8. Also i dont mark the stay signed in box anymore that had finally cleared up my commenting issues.

Kim Baise said...

OMG!!!SF, that's EXACTLY what I did!!! upload explorer 9 AND it was only just today that i realized i can comment if i don't check the box when i sign in! whaaaa???

shellie said...

yeah internet explorer is a beta version which means its like a test and still has lots of stuff to be worked out.

Carolina said...

Is your son's name Donovan? That is awesome!

Kim Baise said...

yes! we named him donovan after the singer.. donovan leitch (jennifer juniper, hurdy gurdy man...)
and now he is a singer too!