Tuesday, July 24, 2012

little lenny

this is little lenny
he's made from this vintage 60's pattern found on ebay
and originally repinned from misako mimoko's pinterest
 i've embellished him w freehand embroidery love & a little yellow knit hat
....  and that's the story of  how little lenny arrived on this planet
(so fun to make, i'm already working on another animal from this pattern:)
thanks for the inspiration, eva!  now little lenny wants a peanut pendant :)


prettylittlethieves said...

he is so cute! I love all the stitch details and hat:)
by the way, I have a vintage book on yarn animals that you might like. I can send it to you if you like. it has over 200 pages of animal making ideas. email me if you want it:)

Kim Baise said...

thanks nancy! it's a nice change for me from papier mache and painting mobiles to sew and stitch vintage plushies.yes, i would love to get my hands on that book!!!sounds great!!! i'll email you. are you doing renegade this week-end?

Saskia said...

Oh wow. He is gorgeous Kim. Love the little yellow beanie, and all the patterns on his ears. AND the fab purple fabric. You have definitely inspired me to get back into sewing again. Loved your post on Cal Summer activities too. *sigh* Your Sid looks like a happy little guy, just like my Sid.

Kim Baise said...

thanks saskia! i'm not good at sewing and stitching and enjoy the challenge it brings.

misako mimoko said...

WOW!!! Kim!! :D
this is the sweetest thing in the world!
it's so cute! hahaha! love the hat and the tail-braid, so funny!!
and all the embroidery you made! you are brilliant at sewing and stitching!! Lenny rocks!!! :D
these vintage patterns are so gorgeous, on which one are you working now? I have to try to make any of them too, maybe the lion or the kangaroo!
do you thing he needs a peanut pendant? ;)
we'll have to solve it very soon!! hehe

thank you so much for this lovely surprise! hope you make more and more ;)

Kim Baise said...

hi eva, thank you! i'm working on the dog now and am not good at sewing so it takes me a long time. but i love the challenge! you should try the kangaroo and lion..the camel is cute too!
yes, a surprise trade package would be a fun thing. we'll have to plan that real soon!

celina bailey said...

Oh I have that set of patterns too! I made cat a long long time ago, he only has one eye now!!! I've always wanted to make the camel, just never got around to it, ummm I think you've just motivated me :) Your elephant is so great, not good at sewing? Whatever! The details are awesome and so are the colors... He definitely needs a peanut pendant!!!