Monday, July 23, 2012

so-cal summer

so far this summer has been pool parties and  backyard bbq's w cousins
  a trip to disneyland (me and sid) watching the parade
  admiring old california style architecture
 in pasadena
with my sister shopping for antiqes and design
 dreaming of owning gorgeous paintings like this!
and enjoying fun sculptures like this lady riding a pig (could be me..?!!!!)
  also eating plenty of sweets: hello kitty= a white chocolate covered apple w marshmallow ears & the monkey  has  a nilla wafer face...yum yum!!
also not to forget  all the driving (in plenty of l.a. traffic :) 
which has not deterred me one bit from being inspired and here's a clue (above) that has something to do with what i've been working on every night this week and am excited to reveal tomorrow!
 come back to see!!!


Nancy Arruda said...

Can't wait to go back and visit that 150year-old bookstore in Pasadena! Love that painting too!

Kim Baise said...

Yes! More exploring and maybe the Rosebowl Flea Market next time too!
Thanks for sending pics of the mobiles in your bookstore window