Thursday, December 6, 2012


bird w/ boombox
rainbow w/ pink cloud, rollerskate and stars
flying bear w/ green moon and castletower with braided vine
this is the mobile where 'home-made fairytales' come from
chameleon on mushroom w/ fly above
 and squirrel w/ storybook
today i'm packing up this custom mobile to mail out to a little boy with very cool parents from triian who gave me free range to create. of course i did find out that little oliver loves disney too and couldn't help myself sneaking some in here and there ;)


Melobeau said...

Kim , I think your mobiles are lovely! Perfect to bring out the creativity and imagination in children!BRAVA!

Saskia said...

A bird with a boombox, a flying bear and a reading squirrel? Pass me the peyote! This is fantastic Kim. I absolutely love it. You must've been smiling your head off while making it. You've been getting some great, fun commissions.

Kim Baise said...

Thank you Melobeau! Yes, imagination is a great escape from the day to day grind
and Saskia, your comments always bring a great smile...haaaa!! peyote!! yes,the commissions keep me working and dreaming. i especially love when i'm asked to "go wild with it:)"