Monday, December 10, 2012


i made some custom ornaments for a  sweet couple in virginia.
here's the cute bearded hubby
i strung them up with twine to see how they'll look
before i send them out today
their adorable little dachshund
red fox
and the u.f.o.


KrokodiLina said...

So cute! Also the whole arrangement looks great!
Hugs - Dania

Kim Baise said...

sooo nice to hear! thank you, dania (:

Amanda said...

I love it! They put a smile on my face and are going to look amazing hanging up! You are so talented!

Saskia said...

Gorgeous Kim. He looks just like my cute bearded hubby!
Love the dachshund. What a fun commission.

Kim Baise said...

Thank you Saskia!! Funny, I think he is a universal bearded man.. as he also looks like my best friend from hi-school's husband!! Time to see what you've been cookin'