Monday, May 27, 2013

bonsai mobile

new! mobile bonsai
indigo painted stick with 3 plants:
cascading bonsai, slanting bonsai and upright bonsai
i'm officially obsessed with bonsai!
now in the shop!
p.s. love this truck!!!


Saskia said...

Kim, only you could come up with the concept of a Bonsai Mobile! Love it! Amazing detail. Louis (the 9 year old) and I spent a few hours in a bonsai market a few weekends ago. SO beautiful. I'm too scared to buy one though as I know I'd kill it (I'm severely lacking in green fingers).

Kim Baise said...

Hi Saskia, thanks, I worked in a garden/nursery for many years and was surprised to learn that bonsai are miniature trees who like to be outside in the seasonal elements (not houseplants). i think they they look great in the house on display (especially hanging:)