Wednesday, June 5, 2013

yukon gold

these mobiles are headed to yukon territory.  i wrote a little about whitehorse here, but that was just the tip of the iceberg! here are some more attractions:
have you ever seen

log cabin skyscraper?!!
the s.s. klondike sternwheeler
the famous dueling moose atop a log cabin!
(yes, virginia, it exists)
and mccrae's roadside chinese restaurant
jen williams' new, one of a kind shop, the collective good opens tomorrow!


Kim Henkel said...

I was just looking around on various blogs this evening, and ended up on yours. I looked at your pictures before looking at your post title, and noticed that I knew all of the things hanging on this beautiful mobile. - I guess I should as I am a Yukon gal, living 100 miles from Whitehorse. I will have to check out your friends new store on my next Whitehorse visit... I will look for your wonderful mobile!

Kim Baise said...

hi kim,it's soooo wonderful that you recognized all the creations on these mobiles and live nearby!i've never been to whitehorse and made these from studying lots of photos. someday i would love to visit this very special place. please say hi to jen at the collective good when you stop by (;
and thanks for stopping by to say hi!