Monday, June 10, 2013


the kids are out of school! this is our secret campsite in the azusa mountains of california
the days are hot so we cool our feet
and walk for miles through the streams
i look for magic sticks along the banks for new mobile inspirations (taking only from the branches that have already fallen)
the evenings here are cool. we dance in pajamas and listen to the frogs
there's an old mining cave above us. can you see it? there's a great history of gold miners who camped here and once panned for gold in these streams. there are lots of wooden crosses in the hills above
in the mornings, the sun rises slowly over the mountains and we go for hikes 
the yucca plants have tall white blumes
we pick sage to bundle and dry for smudge sticks 
and admire the stink bugs from a distance.
the shop is closed for now....
but i'm still working


Saskia said...

WOW Kim, this looks like the perfect camping spot to me! Well found. The stream running through the trees like a path looks so beautiful. Must've been so hard to leave.

Kim Baise said...

It was hard to leave and come back to reality...but a hot shower was so appreciated after this!