Saturday, January 18, 2014

big dalton trail

i cut sticks and my little helper scrubs them

found a new local source of beautiful sticks for mobiles (with a really great  hiking trail)

for more mobile homes to restock joinery!
a fantastic post on one of my most favorite blogs: sho and tell! shoko blogged about mobile homes a few years ago and  her post made its way onto design sponge. i'm so happy these little mobile homes are  still very much loved.
listening to dave rawlings machine:


Saskia (1=2) said...

Love your mobile home mobile, it's one of my favourites of yours Kim. Just got lost in Sho and Tell... oh no, another great blog to add to my list!! Lovely-looking hiking trail, and ace having a peep into your work processes and meeting one of your young staff members.

Kim Baise said...

thanks! mobile homes is my first.. a very special one and shoko is amazing. i love her genius writings and visual collections. her brother is the great photographer max wanger.
i think that hiking trail in glendora burned down right after i wrote this post...3 high school kids playing hooky started the massive canyon fire :(