Wednesday, January 15, 2014

rainbow tiger

i drank too much coffee and stayed up late last night finishing up the tiger that i started last week. with the terrible news i read about nigeria, the tiger (that was supposed to be orange and cream) is now a bright rainbow with a dark blue heart  
(now in the shop)
 listening to althea and donna old version (below):  + brand new lee perry loco version here


Saskia (1=2) said...

So happy to see your beautiful rainbow tiger Kim. Such unbelievable news from Nigeria. Glad the UN has stepped forward to condemn it. Jeez, governments the world over are in violation of some pretty basic human rights at the moment, Australia included (ie. our inhumane treatment of asylum seekers). Really makes me ill.
PS. I'm also up late drinking too much coffee (iced coffee though, to combat our heat wave)!

Kim Baise said...

i agree sas! there are some ridiculous things going on right now with laws/governments world round. thanks for joining me for coffee this morning (;

LeizyB said...

Wow, it looks fantastic! My mobile is now hanging in the window and it looks great ;)

Kim Baise said...

thank you lisbeth! i'm sooo happy to hear <3