Saturday, December 13, 2014


the perfect saturday started with an early morning trip to marina del rey for an estate sale
at pamela des barres house! we scored big, lots of clothes and art and jewelery
but little sid scored most with a big hug from pamela! and he won't take her cowboy vest off, even now in his pajamas. i think he'll sleep in it
then a few blocks down to venice beach for falafel and dolmas lunch at cairo cowboy's back patio
and a stroll along the boardwalk. calliope got new sunglasses
this mural is one of my favorites
sid likes this one
got a fortune read from zoltar
the fortune teller machine
 and then to mollusk surf shop
the sweet lips logo on the fin of my dream board in soft avocado.
so much eye candy today


Saskia Ericson said...

Looove an estate sale and this one looks like the bees knees. Pamela sure has great taste. Love the bamboo bar and tiki knick knacks. Cairo Cowboys looks SO good. OMG, you have Zoltar in your neighborhood!!!

Kim Baise said...

It's so nice to get out and rummage around and estate sales and flea markets are the best! Can't wait to see some pics of your vacation trip Sas. Isn't it summertime now in Australia?