Tuesday, December 16, 2014

baby, bear and banjo

a banjo- mobile is for my friend amie of thief and bandit kids.
we share a lot in common =
both studied art/sculpture in new york, found our husbands in ny, then moved to virginia for a bit, and now both have 3 kids (her third little guy is on the way :)
i think we share some similarities with our art as well, especially a love of wild nature
thief and bandit kids animal long sleeved romper (above)
three is a charm!


Saskia Ericson said...

Awww love this Kim. The brown bear is just beautiful. The banjo reminds me of my dear dad. The banjo was often pulled out after dinner for a family singalong when I was little! Wow, amazing coincidences between you and your friend! Happy Christmas to you and yours Kim. xx

Kim Baise said...

wow sas! i didn't know your dad played banjo! that is sooo special that your family sang songs together. I LOVE the banjo.
hey! just thought of another coincidence 'amie and i both now live in CA' (she lives in Canada and i'm in California. haaa haa too weird but also cool