Wednesday, January 14, 2015

nature's glory

waratah flower and kookaburra bird
australia's natural habitats and creatures are so uniquely, amazingly, glorious!... who knew?!! i didn't quite realize until  i began creating this custom mobile for a new baby (due feb.1st :)
cockatiel, brumby, koala w eucalyptus, frill neck lizard, waratah flower and kookaburra
"brumbies" are wild horses in australia
i've never actually seen a koala freely munching in a eucalyptus tree (we have a giant eucalyptus tree in our front yard, so it would be awesome)...well, only at the l.a. zoo.
and i've only ever seen cockatiels in pet stores here but i can imagine how fantastic it would be to find them in your gum trees, laughing with the kookaburras!
and the frill neck lizard! now my son wants to dress up for halloween this year like this...
thank you australia for all your inspiring natural glories


Saskia Ericson said...

Aw you've captured our kooky fauna so beautifully Kim! Love everything, especially the frilled neck lizard. We just returned from a camping trip – we were woken by kookaburras cackling their heads off, every morning (and an enormous wombat nuzzling our feet, looking for food).

Kim Baise said...

thanks sas! omg!! i hope you took pics of your trip...popping over to your blog now.
p.s. sooo excited to finally meet you and your fam this year, great news!

Saskia said...

Our trip is booked. Woooooohooooo. Can't wait to meet you Kim! xx

Kim Baise said...

we're gonna have a blast at the rosebowl flea!!!! woooo---eeee!!!