Friday, March 13, 2015

super girl

this week has been a whirlwind and a pipe dream come true. we met at cindy's in eagle rock.  my dearest friend from australia, 
it's true, we've never met in person before but have sooo much in common..
 our two sidneys 
next day, we hit the rosebowl flea in pasadena. sas is way taller than i thought :)
it's the best flea market in the world, one for the bucket list!
 sas  "in apron heaven!"
this freaky l.s.d-emon doll =  for a good laugh
by 1:00, the heat kicked in and had affected our brains
saskia and family are now following route 66 across the u.s.a(on instagram here) and i just packed up and shipped off 33 mobiles!! (for the west elm pop-up shows in roseville and mill valley stores at the end of the month). i'll be heading up north soon, hope to meet you there! 
listening to: super girl


Saskia said...

Aw Kim. Such an ace post. Missing you already, lovely pen friend. Thanks for showing us the sites! See you again one day, hopefully at the Rose Bowl Flea (or in Melbourne!) xxxxx
PS. OMG, well done on completing your mobile marathon. They look so gorgeous.

Kim Baise said...

sas, there was so much i left out...mexican coke, grits, trader joes wine, balloon animals, tony's bike!!well, i could have kept on with the short and fab time we shared. we'll do it again soon. i'd love love to visit melbourne
enjoy your trip across route 66

Hazel Terry said...

Looks like you had a great time (the doll would have given me nightmares).

Kim Baise said...

haa haaa!!! w the cloudy death-eyes and deep gash scars on her face, yes hazel,nightmare creepy!! we laughed soooooo hard

CoastsideBooks said...

Fun!!! Can't wait to see you up north and the West Elm shows...

Kim Baise said...

hi nancy! yes,i'm definitely driving up for the west elm pop up shows!(but still trying to work everything are off school monday...need a sitter!