Thursday, January 4, 2018

judi rosen new york

if you don’t know judi rosen then i’m going to tell you about this amazing artist/designer who’s a great friend. i met judi in the east village nyc in the 90s when i lived on 9th st.,her boutique clothing shop: 3 jills and a jack was downstairs. we used to hang out and do art shows together. judi has a new shop in brooklyn JRNY that when in new york is a must go. i have some special one-of-a-kind mobiles in there. judi’s always been ahead of everyone w style and designed the peach-bottom high waist jeans wayyy before anyone else! i unearthed some old photos taken by thee rock n roll photographer bob gruen in my east village apartment hanging out in the late 90s. (top photo) in my room which was literally a closet and my iguana named charlene. that’s a white judi rosen dragon embroidered t shirt dress hanging behind me! the (bottom pic) is judi in white slip dress and filmmaker rachael amodeo of independent film what about features deedee ramone and johnny thunders and more...go see if you haven’t! i used to silkscreen  t-shirt’s in my kitchen for bands like catpower for extra money while i was in art school and it looks like i’m wearing an xl reject!!here's a clip from rachael's movie

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