Friday, January 5, 2018

tokyo art show!!!

 november brought me to tokyo for an art show of mobiles at paddlers gallery in shibuya! there’s a picture of me and daisuke (owner of paddlers). it was a very quick 3 day show and the mobiles sold out almost all on the first day!

we brought the whole family to tokyo and on the last day of my show, lots of friends came for coffee. the mother w little girl is a dear friend who I had not seen since new york art school days... 20 years ago! here's some more pics of tokyo and its wild fun signage :
the manhole covers have beautiful cherry blossoms 
the gas pumps descend from above 

and there are mini beers! my husbands band, pearl schwartz (above) reunited and played some wild shows! 
our last night brought all our friends out for a crazy farewell party. it was a whirlwind week! if you didn’t make the shows, here’s some pearl schwartz: end of your love

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